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New to Me Music: You + Me

Over the weekend, I was searching for a song on YouTube. I could not remember the name of the song or group. I just remembered the word “Scissors.” I should do another post on all of the things that came for scissors on YouTube. Interesting Stuff.
Eventually, I did find the right song – “Save Your Scissors” by City and Colour.
Today I have discovered that Pink and Dallas Green of City and Colour…

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I was a Bully Once: Blogtober 14

Secret Share Time: Blogtober 14

It pains me to admit that I was a bully once for a very brief period of time. It may have only been for a few months, which is still too long to be a bully.

I teased this girl. I think I peeked inside her pencil box once. She didn’t deserve to be teased.
Other people teased her because of who her family members were. I’m not sure why I made her life awful for a few months. She reminded me of…

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